Alameda Special Session: Millenial Renter POV

Background on us: We’ve lived in Alameda for the past few years with about a 10% increase every year. Our rent has gone up about $500 or more within a 4 year period. 

Last night’s special meeting was one doozy of a town hall. Especially since the whole thing did end up on the news (you could see both KRON abs ABC7 mics at the podium) and the news vans were there. I’m not much of an in person protestor, so I watched it all from video feed and updated on Facebook.

The first bit was most frustrating to watch. I cringed when they spoke over each other and interrupted each other, but it looks like they wanted to do testimonials first. Fine. Makes sense.

The problem was that then the landlords came up, one after another, proclaiming how rent control or stabilization is bad and that they worked soooo hard for their buildings. Sure, you could scrape money and eat day old bread, but their investments would likely only get you a two bed condo nowadays. Which would then be bought out by an all cash buyer because hey, cash. They were almost all older, retirement age folks.

Summation: I inherited / earned mine when it was affordable, screw everyone else.

Things got interesting when outside of the room you could hear chanting. Sound cut, then video cut for a good amount of time. During this time, two people were arrested, but details are fuzzy. It sounds like both should not have been arrested based on video recordings (and there are plenty).

When it came back on, we finally got the renters and their stories, and there were many about folks being pushed out or their rent increasing. They’re typical stories repeated but the feeling is that they’re not being taken seriously.

I stopped once they started the presentation since the meeting was going on for a long, long time.

Overall, from renter’s POV: status quo was kept. What came out of the meeting was pretty toothless, but it did bring attention to the issues of renting in Alameda. San Francisco and Oakland aren’t the only cities suffering from this bubble, so are the smaller cities.

Good luck fellow renters.


Celiac Disease: The Gluten Fad and No One Cares

Celiac disease: a legitimate medical condition where the body attacks itself on the slightest breadcrumb. Can have hundreds of symptoms, cause many things from brain damage to cancer to arthritis and ends up in social isolation.

Gluten-free fad dieters: the bane of the celiac population, which does not even care about being actually gluten free because they’re OK with their “gluten-free food” being cross-contaminated and cooked in the same area. They want gluten-free, organic, GMO, overpriced and bland foods and that’s exactly what they get. (Try looking at the GF section of any store)

The gluten free fad dieters have ruined the whole “experience” of being a celiac. We end up being the butt of jokes with real medical concerns, and they can “cheat” whenever they want to, which makes it look nearly not as serious as it really is. There are times where I’ve brought up being a celiac and been scoffed at due to the whole fad diet. I guess I’m not surprised given it’s popular culture … but when the fad is over, and the food options go away, we will still be there, unable to eat gluten in any real capacity.


Welcome to my blog! It’s been greatly overhauled since I last updated, which was sometime last year. With some big changes in my life, including extra time to actually do things, I’m hoping to start an actual blog that I can keep updated on a somewhat regular basis. Keep your eyes peeled.