Celiac Disease: The Gluten Fad and No One Cares

Celiac disease: a legitimate medical condition where the body attacks itself on the slightest breadcrumb. Can have hundreds of symptoms, cause many things from brain damage to cancer to arthritis and ends up in social isolation.

Gluten-free fad dieters: the bane of the celiac population, which does not even care about being actually gluten free because they’re OK with their “gluten-free food” being cross-contaminated and cooked in the same area. They want gluten-free, organic, GMO, overpriced and bland foods and that’s exactly what they get. (Try looking at the GF section of any store)

The gluten free fad dieters have ruined the whole “experience” of being a celiac. We end up being the butt of jokes with real medical concerns, and they can “cheat” whenever they want to, which makes it look nearly not as serious as it really is. There are times where I’ve brought up being a celiac and been scoffed at due to the whole fad diet. I guess I’m not surprised given it’s popular culture … but when the fad is over, and the food options go away, we will still be there, unable to eat gluten in any real capacity.


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