Review: Trader Joe’s Orange Chicken (Frozen)

Trader Joe’s, let’s start over. We haven’t had a fantastic relationship.

I know that I may be a picky eater. I know that I won’t like everything that you offer. However, there really hasn’t been much that I’ve liked from your store. Pre-marinated meats? No thank you. Snacks? I’ll forgive you for the great movie theatre and kettle corn popcorn, but those soy ice cream bars and banana chips … maybe I should’ve known better at “Soy ice cream bar.”

Last night, I found something I liked from your premises though: Mandarin Orange Chicken.


Mandarin Orange Chicken (Img from Cook TJ)Mandarin Orange Chicken (Img Source)

A $5 bag comes with two servings, and each serving is enough for two people. The chicken looks to be pre-deep fried. You just cook it an additional 8 to 10 minutes on the pan (or … in the oven, I guess) with some oil until it cooks through. I warmed up the sauce in another pan on the stove, then sploshed it into the pan with the chicken. It’ll sizzle a bit, but be quick to move the chicken around so it’ll get coated in the sauce.

Basically, this stuff is hard to mess up.

Lock & Lock Stuff

Hey everyone! Not only am I showing my stuff from my big haul, but I’m now a Lock & Lock supporter! Here’s some of what I’ve been using. I bought a large set of containers and a couple of glass containers, but haven’t gotten around to using all of them yet.


Who only uses containers for food?

The significant other used the smallest size we have to keep a track of all the nuts and bolts from his updated computer.

A great use for the containers are for bulk storage.

FYI, if you have a Whole Foods, you can take your container up to the counter and get it weighed. So you can use your Lock n Lock stuff for their rice, peanut butter, popcorn kernels or whatever else you need to store in an airtight container!

I also use my smaller containers for storage of Sour Patch Kids. No picture since I ate them all. :)

Also great for if you’re getting groceries delivered. CSA or otherwise, there’s a LOT of fruits and veggies that need to be contained. Here are Honeydew Melons in containers.

Last, but not least, great for left overs. I’ve been using them for my bistek (Filipino steak + onions), leftover galbi, and leftover kimchi.

I always had an issue with the other containers … I’d lose them. All the time. Something about these containers make me feel like I should take better care of them than the other brands I had in the past. (I easily threw out old containers with stuff inside with no regrets, honestly!)

I need to buy more containers though. I have a lot of medium sizes but need more smaller and very large sizes for all my cereals and candy and spices!

This is what I like to eat.

So a trip to Costco, and look what we bring back!

Before anyone comments on how small of a piece I get out of this box …

If you can’t read it, it says:

Total Fat: 43%, 17g of which is saturated (max limit per day)

I think this would be half of a serving. Soooo good.

The person who sold me on getting this told us it was a cheesecake…….. it says torte, but tastes like a cheesecake. So I don’t know, I just know it tastes good. For $13, we grabbed another one for an upcoming celebration.

Aaaaand for the significant other, a heaping slice of pumpkin pie. :)

These were all taken with a Nikon D90.

Rice Cooker Recipes

I made a post about this before on my other blog before it got swooped. I love lazy cooking, and had actually a guide on making a cake-mix in the cooker! (Should probably put it up again, huh?)

Since I’m feeling extra lazy, here’s a whole bunch of recipes I’m looking forward to trying sometime soon. By myself. Since the boyfriend doesn’t like lazy-food, muahaha.

  1. Scrambled Eggs
  2. Spaghetti
  3. Stir-Unfried Rice