LUSH is an Evil Place

Only because they have so much stuff that we want to get, but they’re just expensive.

Colour Supplement – Light Pink

So I found this today! My small bottle of foundation has run out and actually cost around the same amount. For reference, I’m a “Fairly Light” in Bare Minerals. A little really went a long way and my guy put on too much to try, LOL. It’s supposed to be free of a lot of chemicals. If it’s the same price as my old foundation and does the same thing as my old one, then this has a +1 since it’s more ‘healthy.’ :)

LUSH Samples

Here’s a whole bunch of samples! The white powder at the top is called “Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder.” I bought this along with my Sakura Solid Perfume (which is awesome and a good price at $9). Putting this on is awkward because I can’t sift it on, but it still smells good for a kind of lingering, soft smell.

To the left is called “Turkish Delight Body Polish.” We got a sample to see if this’ll help out my guy’s problem with dry skin.

And just for kicks, the associate who helped me threw in “Rub Rub Rub Shower Gel,” so I’m hoping it’s good!

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

This is a lot of fun … for about $8 we got a pretty good size thing of this lip scrub. It’s something more for my guy to use than me, but it’s fun regardless because your lips tingle a bit after using it AND it tastes like bubble gum. :) You don’t need to use that much and I actually found myself using too much.

Sakura Bath Bomb

Uh, we haven’t used this yet. This is actually our first bath bomb LOL. It’s for my guy.

I love how much Cherry Blossom scented there is at LUSH! But I hate how much stuff costs at LUSH, it’s more expensive and it really burns a whole in the pocket. I wish prices would be more affordable, or even if there would be some kind of a student discount … $6 for a bath bomb, $8 for a scrub, those are a little much and I think I understand why people make their own. Unfortunately I don’t have the time so I just end up buying them!

I still love LUSH though. :)